Domino tiles

Do You See What I See…

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31 thoughts on “OBJECTS

  1. Very nice view from close to the playing surface. Don’t know how to play dominos but it sounds like a great way to pass a hot summer afternoon.

    • Thanks KarenAnn, nice to see you back. I know 2 games, Mexican Train and Chicken Legs, the latter is where this inspiration came from.

    • Can’t remember if I won this round but I did win a few! The light reflecting in the red dots is what caught my attention.

  2. Love the composition, very creative done … but don’t leave the green dot so alone, there are so many companions all around.

  3. I like this close-up, and I do see the green dot. But for me it’s more a sea of red, but the green and black dots add depth to the picture. Good composition and well captured.

  4. News Item: Domino, the Robot Clown, was knocked over on his back by an inevitable sequence. Witnesses say he it hit him when he wasn’t looking. His response was, ” Ma Jong it was good to know you.”

    Great composition and use of perspective. 🙂

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