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Haunting memories of an urban escape

Finding me in cities are slim, finding me in mountains and swamps is common yet San Antonio Riverwalk is a place that haunts my memories. It’s been several years since visiting there however my thoughts return there frequently. Trips down memory lane leave me feeling refreshed. Why?? What makes this place so special??? These questions sparked a quest of piecing together puzzle pieces of why this place excited me then and still excites me today.  

Footbridge over the river

The more I looked at each scene from the photos I took the more I saw commonalities in each. The gentle flow of the river has a peaceful feeling. 

subtle privacy 2*-

Crowded outdoor cafe entertained by street musicians

 Festively colored umbrellas and street musicians add to the relaxed atmosphere.

The use of natural elements combined with  Spanish influenced architecture and organic colors have a feeling of a time gone by and modern day all rolled together. 

footbridge w reflections texture-

Reflections under the footbridge

Arches and gentle curves are everywhere the eye comes to rest. You see them in windows and doors and bridges that cross over the river. The river meanders through the city and the outdoor spaces mimic the naturally flowing curves of the water. Trees bushes and flowers are placed perfectly not feeling like landscaping but rather like natural elements of the environment.

Stairway leading to street level

Entrances and exits are found all along the walk a person would never feel trapped below the main street level. People were coming and going yet there’s no feeling of being in a crowd or the hustle bustle rush that cities tend to have.

Traffic light on the river

This is a place where a person can reconnect with the spirit within and with friends and family. Time seems irrelevant. After retracing the walk and piecing my thoughts and feelings feelings together about why I am so drawn to the riverwalk I realized the main reason this place is so special to me it’s because I shared it with a close friend we’re both more “country” than “city” and as we reconnected and got caught up with all the things good friends talk about we felt the peace created by someone that brought a tranquil vision for a city to reality for all to enjoy. 

Shady side of the walk

Do you have a place that haunts you? I’d love to hear where it is.