Early summer FLOWERS in the garden

Early summer is a delight for gardeners because of the abundance of FLOWERS. 

This is a macro view into a Southern Magnolia bloom.

The close up look into the flower brought to mind how much this looks like a Jack in the Pulpit and a Peace Lily.

Do You See What I See…

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32 thoughts on “Early summer FLOWERS in the garden

  1. Sharon Sassy Dorland

    This is outstanding… and who is the artist that created this wonderous flower so you could capture it and show us how beautiful it is…. look at the crisp colors and the soft white….. love it… great shot Pearl iliil


  2. lynn

    oh holly Moses…this is an exquisite macro, takes my breath awaaaaay!! (the photographer beside me and the bees was taking wedding photos of a rare beauty and her super handsome groom, I didn’t dare)


  3. Kirsten Dinesen

    As I scrolled down over the photograph….I heard myself…gasp..OHooooooo and say aloud…How BEAUTIFUL….What a powerful and STUNNING shot….Thank you for sharing!


  4. George Weaver

    Oh, My! This is breathtaking! I just looked at all of the photos on this page. I am astounded at the treatment. They are superbly photographed and processed like paintings. Such eye candy I have not seen in a very long time. So glad you liked one of my photos so I could follow you here. This blog is wonderful.


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