23 thoughts on “DUTY

  1. Sharon M Dorland

    The colors, the clarity, patterns, round, looped, straight, wavy all leads me to thinking “how many people does it require to set this ship like it is” and one great photographer captures it.. Well done Pearl…. iliil Sassy


  2. Bobbie

    To be honest, I’m surprised you were allowed to take that photo. I’m always just more than a tad worried about having my camera confiscated when it comes to taking pictures of anything involving national security.


  3. lynn

    super photo in all senses++ once again a boat or a car that is cleaner than my kitchen…he is thinking what I wonder…


    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      The rust was especially noticeable as it was the only place on the entire ship that wasn’t freshly painted and spiffed. I think he was thinking how hot he was standing in the sun in full gear 🙂


  4. Judy Staines

    Was he looking out for aggressive sardines?

    Great photo! Love the coils of rope – I was watching them handle the mooring ropes on the vaporetti in Italy and thinking how very neat and quick they are and how they always have an eye to safety, too. I guess one of those coils could rip your arm off if you got caught as it was being moored.


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