Life is a path of BEGINNINGS

A good place to start looking at BEGINNINGS is birth.

BEGINNINGS abound, such as first teeth, first steps, first day of school and on and on.

Most girls dream of the day they marry.

Walking into the Wedding Garden through the arch and down the path leads to countless new BEGINNINGS. 


Do You See What I See…

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  1. beautiful photo and intro, this is a dramatic entry in the Wedding Garden, inspiring to those setting out on an adventure into amlife full of beginnings…i agree every moment is a beginning, this photo is a bit mysterious too


    1. Firstly, I am so happy you enjoyed the image!
      Secondly, I have no idea why that plaque is there or what it means because there was a sign leading to the garden that pointed to and read Wedding Garden 🙂 The grounds of this place were quirky in so many aspects!


    1. A funny thing is I knew this photo was going to be used here but had NO idea how to tie it to the themes, then I had one of those creative lightbulb moments for the wording 🙂


  2. Ah … the nostalgia!! Not that we had such a wonderful setting for our wedding photos, which were so bad that I refused to buy them at all! This garden would have been perfect!


    1. Sorry your photo’s didn’t turn out well for your wedding 😦 those are the once in a lifetime moments that can’t be recreated. Happy this image brings happy thoughts 🙂


  3. Beautiful textures, details and composition. Love the leading lines and the vertical lines of the railings. I want to wander right through that archway…….


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