44 thoughts on “FUN isn’t just for kids

  1. Danudin

    It better not be, I mean, Youth is wasted on the young, if I had youth I could waste it too, (again) Great Image for this


  2. SaptarshiC

    Ah, yes. I remember how we used to race with friends. And also fall on our face trying just that. Good times, good times.


  3. Roket Man

    Reminds me of our youngest daughter waking up one Christmas morning to find a new bike (without training wheels!) and wondering if the “magic strings” coming out of the handlebars helped Santa deliver it because we didn’t have a chimney!


  4. Lynn Mortensen

    this is great, I love the closeup effect, the colours and the joy of the streamers in the wind, nice nice catch!


  5. munchow

    Indeed fun is not only for kids. But sometimes we forget that is possible when you are grown-ups. I enjoyed the picture of the streamers on the bike, it cheered me up. Thanks for putting it out there.


  6. KarenAnn

    This is such a great depiction of carefree fun…and memories of streamers from long ago. Seemed like there was always someone who had more luxurious streamers than you did! We didn’t know it at the time but those were the days….


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