NATURE doesn’t get more real than this!

This isn’t a composite and wasn’t in a zoo this is real live NATURE turtles, gators and a bird, oh my!

Do You See What I See…  © PC PHOTO 2012      All rights reserved


42 thoughts on “NATURE doesn’t get more real than this!

  1. This is a perfect example of “the right place, at the right time”. Did you get a tip on where to find this kind of shot, or did you just happen on it?

    • We were in a state park near Daytona Florida. There was plenty of space between this gator and us. Thank goodness for zoom lenses!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. That is amazing – here I thought our little pond in the backyard was pretty impressive. 🙂
    Not only was it a wonder capture, it is a beautifully composed photo. Your use of line and balance is excellent. Love how the dry tree limb in the foreground balances and adds a framing line that draws the viewer into the scene.
    One other thing, when I saw the turtles on either end of the gator, lines from the song ” Bridge over Troubled Waters” popped into my head and will not leave. Will pass the link to this photo on to family & friends.

    • Thanks for the feedback regarding the foreground with that limb; I wasn’t sure if it was going to add to or be a distraction because it was so bleached out by the sun. I try to crop in camera but admittedly more was needed because of the safe distance between me and the subject matter!

  3. do you think you could have fit any more in there? lol This is an amazing capture! Love it!

  4. Lots of fabulous details and I bet you were glad you had your camera ready for this one! I wonder if the turtles are just too crunchy for the ‘gator? Well done!!!

  5. Great photo, pc. Nice to see photos from other parts of Florida. That Blue Springs State Park looks incredible and the water’s so clear for manatee viewing. Thanks for your kind comments on my photos.


    • Blue Springs is my favorite spots to see manatee because the water is so clear! We have been to Homosassa but the viewing isn’t as good because of the murky water.

  6. Catching up doesn’t leave much that hasn’t been said. What a moment, I hope this is printed large.

    It was hard to believe!

  7. That is an amazing non-composite picture. Looks like a contradiction of terms. They seem all to be waiting on each other. Who makes the first mistake? I love the muted colours which makes the picture very close to monochromatic. Beautiful and surprising.

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