Grapefruit Baseball GAMES begin soon!

The Grapefruit League GAMES will soon begin! For those not familiar with major league baseball this is a reference to the American League. Spring training is a time for players to re-focus on the game and team owners to choose their roster for the season with the best athletes. Fans look forward to every aspect of opening day the sights, the sounds, the smells, the anticipation of entering the venue.

Many people buy season tickets, others prefer selecting their seat the day of the game. Some people go so far to plan their vacations according to the schedules of their favorite teams. 

Hmmmmmmm, I wonder when the popcorn guy is going to get here????
OK, this is just rude, I came all this way and the teams didn’t even show up!

The stadium website stated the ticket window was open on Sunday’s but a trip to pick up tickets for a Yankee’s game proved the info wasn’t correct… leaving an empty feeling for a lone fan. This trip to the ball field did have disappointments (no tickets) but it didn’t end on a sour note, after all how many people get to have an entire stadium to themselves!

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