A bit of SHOW BIZ at the auction

Mecum annual Muscle Car Auction in Kissimmee Florida is a combination of SHOW BIZ, action and loads of excitement for bidders and spectators.

Scores of Mecum employees and Velocity TV camera crews make the preview staging and auction look so simple but there is a tremendous amount work behind the scenes prior to the auction with cataloguing the vehicles, coordinating deliveries and setting the stage. Some of the finest classic and muscle cars crossed the stage in 2 minute time frames with no gap between the drop of the gavel. 


If you are a classic car fanatic and missed the show you may like to check their link from the auction it includes pictures and prices:


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38 thoughts on “A bit of SHOW BIZ at the auction

    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      You could surely afford the gate tickets Ron, it was the parking fee that was expensive, lol.
      DH has watched these auctions on tv for a couple of years and this year we decided to go. What a super experience.


  1. munchow

    Must have been quite an event to cover. Particularly the last picture shows the crazy energy, the people and the lined up cars in a compressed perspective. The long less it was shot with brings forward the feeling of the place. Well done.


    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      Awesome Blue SS! Would have been my first car but when I peeled out during the test drive Dad decided it wouldn’t be a good match up, lol.
      Great to hear from another fan of Mecum!


  2. KarenAnn

    I like the motion blur in the first photo which definitely shows the action involved in inspecting and displaying the auto. Personally, I love to attend horse auctions and “antique” auctions. Hubby would love this!


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