Bowling Balls in multiple COLOURS / COLORS

No matter how you spell it COLORS make the world a better place to look at.

This photo is grainy and the highlights are blown out but the brightly colored bowling balls were eye catching and the only camera on hand was an iPod Touch, and as someone recently commented any camera is better than no camera when something interesting pops up. With some effort an image that could have been deleted looks a little more interesting.

My workflow was inspired from a tutorial on – Create 3 D effects.

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44 thoughts on “Bowling Balls in multiple COLOURS / COLORS

  1. As they say Patty, “the best camera is the one we have on us at the time”. I like the way you have processed it so that some of the balls overlap the edges. Well done, good job.

  2. Well done ! So you re trying to bowl us over with bold colours, ……. you got a strike, no misses. 🙂

  3. Oh Patty, this is wonderful, I agree totally, no camera no proof, I always carry my little pocket for the quick shots. Nice job on the bowling balls, like the first comment, if they had no holes, my little grandson was think they were gum. Have a great week.

  4. You did a great work to make the photograph work (although of course I don’t know how it originally looked like coming from the iPhone). The colours are indeed vivid. Nice perspective.

    • I am humbled by your kind words Otto. Truthfully the colors are sooc the only edit I did was for the 3D effect. Thank you for your encouragement.

    • Would love to take credit for the colors Ellen! Couldn’t believe my eyes seeing all that colorfulness in one rack, just had to document it. Glad you enjoyed the oob experience!

  5. Not every photo has to be perfect especially to be able to recall the memories that went with it. I finally decided that I use alot of my photos as a sort of life diary or journal (which I’ve never been able to reliably keep) since I take some sort of photo almost every day. Think about it…a diary or journal often has scratch outs or mis-spelling…and a photo has far more detail than you are able to write about. Processing innovations now and in the future will allow us to perfect most images if we have the desire/time to do so. Best to you…I’ve sort fallen behind in commenting/posting but hope to get my energy back now that spring is in sight!!

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