28 thoughts on “PURPLE Starfish

    1. pcphoto

      Nature is filled with surprises isn’t she? I must admit the arrangement was another one of those happy accidents; dh had been collecting them in a cup and this is how they came out of it when he turned the cup upside down!


  1. Giseled

    Those are so cool. Until Steven posted some earlier this year, I didn’t know they existed. Were they still alive? Did they make it back to the water?


  2. Cindi Benton, Realtor

    I’ve lived here forever and have never seen one regular starfish on the shore…. WOW!! and great photo!


    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the purple starfish. Only 2 days earlier did I ever see a common gray color starfish. Guess that last noreaster churned up loads of new things to see for beach combers.


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