PURPLE Starfish

While beach combing during a low tide somewhere between Jacksonville and St Augustine Florida we came across a handful of PURPLE starfish that had washed ashore. A royal find!

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28 thoughts on “PURPLE Starfish

  1. Awesome….very pretty starfish & great shot. Those would look good in a saltwater fish tank.

    • Nature is filled with surprises isn’t she? I must admit the arrangement was another one of those happy accidents; dh had been collecting them in a cup and this is how they came out of it when he turned the cup upside down!

  2. Those are so cool. Until Steven posted some earlier this year, I didn’t know they existed. Were they still alive? Did they make it back to the water?

  3. Pretty cool! Ours don’t have the outline colors like yours do. I wonder what that evolutionary design is for?

  4. I’ve lived here forever and have never seen one regular starfish on the shore…. WOW!! and great photo!

    • Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the purple starfish. Only 2 days earlier did I ever see a common gray color starfish. Guess that last noreaster churned up loads of new things to see for beach combers.

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