Last week I asked viewers to choose whether a photo montage I posted was DEBRIS or GARBAGE. Thanks to all who weighed in on the subject. Debris is now ticked off my list of themes. Right after making the viewers choice post there was another noreaster storm off the coast of Florida. Once the winds and rain calm is the time that I like beach combing you never know what will wash ashore. With that being said, this week I post GARBAGE there is no doubt that this subject is now put to rest. 

Stay tuned  there were also “treasures” washed onto shore.

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18 thoughts on “GARBAGE

  1. danudin

    If there is a storm brewing, now is a time to organize a community cleanup as your collarge implies it needs. Before Mother nature comes in and does the vacuuming for you, Stay Safe whatever happens.


  2. Steven

    Remember, one person’s trash…. Where does most of this debris originate from? On our Pacific Coast we get a lot of Asian stuff. I hear that the tsunami debris is starting to show up.


    1. pcphoto

      Someday I hope to stumble on all the prescription sunglasses we have offered up to the sea, lol. My guess is this trash is from tour boats and cruise ships and or beach visitors.
      Will be interesting to see what shows up from the tsunami.


  3. KarenAnn

    Interesting finds…reminds me of the children’s book Flotsam by Wiesner. Only pictures to tell the story but very interesting illustrations and storyline. Sam and i love it.


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