Stopping by the ROADSIDE for Fisheye Friday

Between the ROADSIDE and a tributary of the St John’s River was a concrete abutment with a crack and small hole near the bottom. Silly little things like this seem to attract my attention all the time. Knowing the shot wasn’t exactly earth moving I went into the Menu on my Nikon D3100 selected: Retouch, Filter, Fisheye and added a little fisheye pizazz in order to put another hatch mark on this poor tattered well traveled theme list I am working on.

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Comments I have left on your blogs are not showing in the posts. I deleted all the cookies in my browser and apparently the sites I frequent no longer recognize me. Comments may be going into your spam. My bad 😦 Thanks to Gisele for helping me track down the source.


28 thoughts on “Stopping by the ROADSIDE for Fisheye Friday

  1. Steven

    I applaud you for continuing with the Fisheye Friday. I haven’t really touched my DSLR in a month and a half, so I appreciate having some fish on Fridays!


  2. KarenAnn

    I wondered why your comments were suddenly showing up in my blog spam folder…now I know. Interesting that you have a fisheye setting mode on your camera.


    1. pcphoto

      The fisheye setting was a total surprise! Thought I’d have to go buy a lens to have that option with photos. I’m a lucky girl.
      Thanks for checking your spam.


  3. Ellen

    I see Ill. too, sort of grabbing a bit of western Wisconsin. The best thing about a challenge like this is to get sidetracked by any roadside attraction. Nice of you to jump into to fisheye Friday. A real one is fun…


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