LIGHTNESS found in the dark.

LIGHTNESS is available in the dark we just need to see it. Exiting Paradiso 37 restaurant I looked up to behold a most unusual light fixture albeit appropriate for this establishment. Having  never seen a chandelier made from martini glasses, empty liquor bottles and bottle stoppers stopped this photographer in her tracks. Stopping short caused a minor chain reaction with the other people behind bumping into me. Apologies to all who crashed into one another that was an unintended result when this photographer had to get the shot 🙂

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25 thoughts on “LIGHTNESS found in the dark.

  1. danudin

    This theme reminded me of a quote by the GOONS “The sound came from a man with a Military Bearing, which he threw into the air and caught, who walked out of the darkness into the lught – CCLLAANNGG! Ouch!” but your light fitting is easier to take a photo of. Gorgeous!


  2. sassy Dorland

    WOW! talk about creativity!! and the Photographer with her “eye for sparkle”. I’ll have a martini please!! Great little sparkles’ that pull the eyes from one to the next, to see if they are different. Love it…..


  3. Tammy

    You just find the coolest stuff….I LOVE this unique fixture…it would be very cool hanging above MY bar! 🙂 Mind sending it to me??


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