Is there light IN SHADOW?

Some time ago one of the themes posted on this blog was TRANSLUCENT. That photo was taken inside Paradiso 37 restaurant at Downtown Disney in Orlando Florida. The original attraction to this restaurant was the mass quantity of colorful bottles on shelves that were backlit from a wall of windows.

Someone asked what the bottles contained when the original post appeared. Only a guess could be offered. Being in the neighborhood I thought it a good idea to pop in and find out what was inside those bottles. Well, it was evening, the staff was incredibly busy with customers, the sun had set, but the wall of bottles were now up lit. So, now we still have no idea what is inside the bottles

This photo was taken in the same spot as the TRANSLUCENT photo and in the event anyone is paying attention the bottle shapes are different. Leave it to Disney to keep things interesting right down to the window displays. Still we have a pretty cool night view of the bottles on the shelf IN SHADOW.

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24 thoughts on “Is there light IN SHADOW?

  1. sassy Dorland

    OH MY I see a treasure of sights with in those bottles… little people, dancers, buildings if you release your imagination, there certainly is a multitude. You always find the “right” subject to catch. Good snappin Pearly…


  2. sassy Dorland

    By the way, I love this. I am painting 4 tiny glasses of beer, all different brands, alas, different colors. Would that pass as translucent???


  3. danudin

    I tend to make it a rule that when the bottles at the top of the bar start to curve away like that, it is time to stop knocking back the Wild Turkey!


  4. KarenAnn

    Love the curves filled with all those backlit bottles, each one lit a bit differently. I’ll second the comment on atmosphere…it is definitely cool!


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