DISORDER turns life upside down

Walking parallel with the shoreline there was plenty of DISORDER to go around when this jellyfish was spotted washing up on to the shore. When this photo was snapped it was the photographer or the jellyfish and this photographer wasn’t about to get stung. Being ever so talented (lol) the photographer took evasive measures ensuring there was no contact while keeping the camera lens and finger on the shutter. Talk about being upside down this unfortunate jellyfish had DISORDER in its life and so did the photographer.

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30 thoughts on “DISORDER turns life upside down

  1. Great capture! I don’t think I would be able to hold the camera steady in that situation.

    • Thank you! and thanks for stopping by. Most likely the last thing on the mind (?) of this jellyfish was a conscious action, lol.

  2. Can they still sting if they are dead, perhaps that’s why it was being washed ashore. I love your descriptive evasive tactics.

  3. sounds like one smart photographer! This is too cool…have never seen a jellyfish outside of an aquarium!

  4. You and your great timing! I wouldn’t know you took this shot in the middle of a duel to the death with a jellyfish. Once again, neat shot 🙂

    • Glad you liked this shot. This wasn’t a first choice for posting until I took a close look and saw the dry sand beneath the water on the bottom left of the photo.

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