CREATIVE photography has surprises


An attempt to be CREATIVE while photographing waves slamming into the pier from the outer storm bands from Irene at Cocoa Beach had an unexpected and unplanned addition when a seagull flew into this frame. Had it not been for the shutter being set to continuous the depth of this photo would have been less interesting. Thank you Mr. Gull for helping me be CREATIVE!


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31 thoughts on “CREATIVE photography has surprises

  1. PC PHOTO Post author

    Thanks. This is another one of those lucky shots – right place right time.

    Stay safe this weekend, charge all your electronics in case you lose power.


  2. Wayne

    Great capture but…………
    Don’t let the gull take credit….tell us you waited ALL day in the hot sun without a hat waiting….waiting for the perfect moment and eventually had to throw some bread across in front of you to attract the gulls…..that’s how the gull REALLY got in the picture…..right?


  3. sassy Dorland

    LOVE THIS. the clean, crisp lines. YOu always find the right thing to “capture”.. you are good !!


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