ONE – TWO – THREE what do you see?

ONE – TWO – THREE eyes looking at me!

ONE – TWO – THREE it’s really a tree.

Father God and Mother Nature has loads of art to view and enjoy; we need to stop and see!

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29 thoughts on “ONE – TWO – THREE what do you see?

    • I’ve never heard of the ‘ghastly’ variety, lol. The palm had just been trimmed and go figure – I saw something to snap, lol!

    • How does the saying go… I’m a poet and don’t know it. Hubby helped, two heads are better than one! Glad you liked the pic!

  1. That tree looks kinds creepy to me…looks like it belongs in a horror movie! Can’t stand things staring at me lol

  2. The three eyed tree is very strange indeed, and it makes for a fun photo. I do see the owl . . . a three eyed owl.

  3. You are right. You have many wonderful pictures and I was looking at them a long time. It is so nice to see all details. You are really a good photograph and a poet too.

  4. Those are really cool! Nature must have a reason for putting eyes in the trees, perhaps to let those of us know we are being watched.

  5. I like this – creative view-point. Well done. My wife went on a weekend native & environmental art work-shop on Manitoulin Island a few months ago. Some of the work revolved around similar concepts.

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