The theme of NEGATIVE SPACE has had me stumped since the first time seeing it on the 2011 365 photo challenge list. For those brave enough to tackle this theme already I say kudos and am in awe of the many interpretations. Still I struggle. Why in the heck is a literal application of this theme so important to me? I have used creative license and a playful approach with no regard for photo themes in the past… why oh why am I allowing two words to become a stumbling block.

Awwww I’m weary of the angst and today is the day to jump off and put this to rest. So here for better or worse is my  colorful contribution of NEGATIVE SPACE.

What do you think?

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  1. you gave a very positive interpretation of the negative … Love the idea. And want to say: I know these feelings described by you, too. Human kind is a very interesting being, seems to me, hmmm.


  2. I’m with you. I, too, am not sure how to fulfill this theme. However, if I look at the wood background slats, I find it a very interesting shape – that’s what I know about negative space.


  3. Neat picture. I like the colors. I too have been intimidated by this subject but after doing some research and being inspired by you I also posted my negative space picture today. Great job for taking the leap!!


  4. The gumball machine area is a negative space for many moms and grandmas because the young ones are always begging for whatever they offer. I remember these as being so attractive when younger and it was a bummer when your piece jumped out onto the floor instead of your hand. I have to say your photo fulfills the theme for me and is gorgeous with the bright colors and round shapes filling a larger round shape.


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