I took “letter” pics at the mall the week prior to Father’s Day and here are two of the letters, The Letter D and The Letter A.

Being the first post in what seems like ages as well as a poignant time in my life I wondered where to jump back in. Then after re-reading everyone’s supportive comments I felt an inspiration.

Today is Tuesday, the day Dad and I always spoke on the telephone. I talked to Dad today and told him I love him. Tuesday’s are forever changed in my life. I can comfortably sit in the peace that I have no regrets for our time as father and daughter and am especially blessed for the time we had to know each other as individuals.

 Thank you all again. 

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  1. must say, I love your comment very much! And the collage, of course, too. Very good idea, your father would like this!


  2. Glad to see you back, and using photography as a therapy of sorts. This is a good way to express yourself to yourself. I know all too well what you just went through. It does get a little easier to accept down the road.


  3. Welcome Back Pearly….. This is a color filled tribute.. I see a bit of “smiles” in here.. I love it… iliil


    1. Thanks Sharon, it’s actually good to be back and focusing on life with new eyes. Thanks for all your kind words.
      Is that really the Pope in the pic with you?? very cool.


    1. thanks Karen, the letters i shot for this collage were about 2 feet square. all the stores had really big advertising outside their stores and well I was an opportunist, not knowing things would change with Dad so quickly.


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