The EYES are the window to the soul. Eyesight is a sense that helps us interpret life as we see it. Wearing sunglasses is a way to protect eyes from harmful ultra violet rays. Sunglasses can also be a cloak to protect us from those looking in from the outside to keep our inner most thoughts and feelings private.


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14 thoughts on “EYES

  1. Tony

    yes, I agree with Tammy, very cool … sunglasses are useful sometimes, but they can also foreclose


  2. Steven

    I used to wear them for the cool aspect, now I wear them to prolong the day when I need to get my cataracts taken care of. I like the halo glow around this pair. The two blue spots could easily be eyes, with glasses making a face.


    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      the blue spots were what caught my eye in the first place, I thought it was a fluke until day after day the same thing happened.
      hope you get your cataracts done before you go on your trip to Europe.


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