I would like to THANK ALL who have shown kindness and support during the past weeks. 

Today marks one week since Dad was laid to rest.

The upcoming year will be filled with first(s).

This Father’s Day was the beginning, as I viewed him at the funeral home.

Today is the first day of not feeling numb and actually feeling his absence.

Tomorrow I don’t know what to do because we always spoke on the telephone on Tuesday.

The last words we spoke to one another were “I love you” and he said “I’m alright”.

It is a comfort that we were together and able to express our feelings face to face. 

Hopefully soon I will again post images.

Truthfully I do not feel like taking photographs or posting them. Most likely they will be images I made before this past month.

I am hoping that moving forward with the 365 Challenge and using photography to express myself will facilitate peace and normalcy to my life.

Again I say a sincere Thank You to all.



16 thoughts on “THANK YOU ALL

  1. danudin

    Your memories will carry you through, on Tuesdays you can still ring, no need to dial, – Direct cintact and Tell him You Love Him – Again.


  2. Gisele

    I’m sorry for your loss. I still think of my dad just about every day over 8 years later. Come back whenever you are ready with whatever pics you want. Only you will know if it makes you feel better to start again.


  3. Tony

    I would like to express my condolences! And I fully agree with Gisele, think it the same way. Be the blessing with you!


  4. Tammy

    My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time….take your time in coming back and pamper yourself a bit! 🙂


  5. sassy Dorland

    Oh my condolences to you and your family..It is difficult to have a parent go to Heaven. A year of firsts,,, and this is a first for you. His last words are beautiful and to hear I love you is a good rememberance. I always had a special day to talk with my mom and the same with my daughter Lisa, it’s Thursday at 7:00a.m. Now, I will think of you in a special way on Tuesday, that is one of my favorite days.
    God Bless you Patty…


  6. Lois

    Take time to savor the memories and know that our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.


  7. paintedmeadows

    Sending big hugs to you. I lost my dad when he was 47 and he will be gone 19 years next month and I still feel his loss greatly and every birthday and father’s day is rough but you’ll make it. Thinking of you!.


  8. traceyjj

    So sorry to hear of your loss. It must be so painful to lose a family member as an adult… (I was only a child when my dad died, so I didnt understand what it was all about) Take photos/publish photos, only when you are ready. You have been sharing your talent and interest freely, but you dont want it to become a “chore”
    Sending my condolences from this side of the pond.
    Take care.


  9. Christina, Sweden

    I know th efeeling. In lots of everyday situations I think “I must tell mother about that” but I cannot do that anymore. My thoughts are with her often and I think that will always go on. As for my father I lost him when I was 13 and there are som many things I’m sorry I could not show him, my children mostly but we also understood each other in a very special way and shared some ,moments toggether that I will never forget. The memorys are always there to think about in the future.


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