LARGE Apple Snail Shell

Apple Snail egg clusters were the photograph posted yesterday for Macro Monday over on

Today’s photo is the LARGE shell of a Florida Apple Snail (kindly being held in the palm of dh’s hand and yes, he needs a manicure). The flat guitar pick looking thing is its protective “door” (my technical term). They were found lying on a path at the lake most likely a result of being the meal of a limpkin or white ibis that frequent this area.

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14 thoughts on “LARGE Apple Snail Shell

    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      Thanks Rhonda. I have read that people down here fish them out of canals and such just to sell them for aquariums. Their size is mostly dependent on their environment.


  1. Ellen

    As a hater of the imported garden snail my first reaction was an involuntary stomp. I’m glad no one is home in that very large shell.


  2. Steven

    Pretty impressive size. Now, are these fresh water dwellers, or do the birds take them to the lake to eat?


  3. Tammy

    Never seen that that big….very, very cool! I like how you are holding them so we get a sense of the true size!


  4. KarenAnn

    Wow, that large snail shell must’ve held a really BIG snail. I’m glad they don’t live around here…or slugs that size either. Gross! The shells are pretty tho.


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