A variety of vintage KITCHEN UTENSILS

KITCHEN UTENSILS displayed on a lattice show some of the vintage items from a time gone by. We still use many similar things in the kitchen to accomplish the same tasks only ours have a modern touch of evolvement.

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8 thoughts on “A variety of vintage KITCHEN UTENSILS

  1. danudin

    Lovely array, when it comes to the kitchen I tend to be a Fitter and Turner, I fit it into pots and try and turn it into something edible, I guess with a 50 – 50 strike rate!


  2. Steven

    Did the pioneer folk have melon ballers? Or corn on the cob holders? It must have been tough in the old days!


  3. jackscrap

    I like to collect a lot of kitchen gadgets, but my DH always laughs because he reckons I never use them! Perhaps I need to get a display board like this one to remind me what I’ve got!


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