This is one of many clusters of Apple Snail eggs that were deposited on the side of the retaining wall at the lake. Each cluster consists of LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of ITSY-BITSY TEENY WEENY eggs that are about the size of a round head on a common pin. When the eggs are first laid their coloring is a deeper color as the snails inside grow the pink coloring fades and when they turn white is the time the eggs hatch. So goes the story. Having never witnessed the hatch it would be interesting to see tiny snails breaking through the egg shell then making their way down the wall and into the water, sort of like when turtles hatch and make a run for the ocean.

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  1. Ewww. I grew up in the desert where snails are in short supply. Not a fan of slimy. However, it is fascinating to see this. Great closeup!

  2. Wow, lovely color, and texture!

    You just asked what flower I was shooting on my blog. I think it’s an apple blossom, I took it off the tree outside, I’m not 100% sure what kind of tree it is though 🙂

  3. Very interesting shot. I thought it was a slightly squished raspberry before I clicked on the bigger picture. I love that you’ve included the photography info, too.

  4. I’ve never seen these kind of eggs before! Wonderful selective focus and detail.

    Happy Macro Monday

  5. I never thought snail eggs could look so pretty, I hope you’re around for the hatching, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an apple snail before.

  6. I love seeing these, something I have never seen, fabulous. I wonder if people eat them… people do eat snails and they eat cavier… so I wonder.

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