Macro Monday SUNSHINE

SUNSHINE and rain are necessities for plants to thrive and survive. While out walking I noticed some palm trees with pod like appendages hanging downward. A little further along on the walk was another palm tree of the same variety with this large creamy colored and very textured bloom. My first thought was it looked like an upside down cornstalk.  

Not sure which variety of palm this is. Any ideas???

20 thoughts on “Macro Monday SUNSHINE

  1. Tammy

    I have never seen anything like this…but wow, you captured it beautifully, loving all those little details and clarity!


  2. Tony

    I don’t know the plant, I only know, it’s very beautiful. The whole nature is a miracle in itself.


  3. sassy Dorland

    Once again beautiful, the colors all in the “earthy hues”. It could be a date palm grown in Florida. Well done Pearl ..


  4. Steven

    Very pretty alien life form. Since you live in Exotica I am of no assistance as to what it is, but I would guess something to do with pollination?


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