An array of nautical FOOTWEAR in the front window of Little Miss Matched shop at Downtown Disney is an eye stopper. Socks in this store sell in odd numbers unlike traditional purchases of socks by the “pair”. There are no plain socks here all have bold designs and are brightly colored. An unusual approach to marketing but it works! 

16 thoughts on “FOOTWEAR

  1. Julie McLeod

    My daughter used to love these – now that she’s older she just mix and matches her own socks though.

    Your shot is wonderful. I really like how you took it on an angle to show more of the shop…


  2. jackscrap

    That would eliminate the problem of all the socks that seem to go missing in the wash, I’m tempted to take up this idea of mixing and matching.


    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      Hey, now that’s a thought. Maybe how they really started this business is they rounded up all those runaway socks and re sell them.


  3. Steven

    I don’t know, I can’t see myself wearing a lighthouse knee sock. The anchor perhaps, but the lighthouse just isn’t me.


  4. Ellen

    Fun items and it would solve the problem of the Sock Eater. You shot this so well, the light and reflections must have been a problem.


  5. traceyjj

    what great, colourful socks! I love colourful socks 🙂 I dont think I have a pair of normal ones… Love the photo… better not show it to my daughter or she will be mis-matching all her colourful ones too 😀


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