Does this image look familiar? Check this link for a clip from Fantasia, Mickey The Sorcerer‘s Apprentice http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XChxLGnIwCU. Perhaps then you will understand the FEAR this child had after seeing the brooms marching down the stairs with their splashing buckets of water.

Now I laugh in the face of an old fear!

PSE9 photo effects/fluorescent chalk transformed the original photo image to an animated look for this post. The original image was seen and photographed while at Downtown Disney.

10 thoughts on “FEAR

  1. danudin

    Are those things prevelent in your area??? Try and get a photo of those Crocodiles dancing Ballet with Hippos, will you, that scares me, especially if I was a croc! Love the fun of this Brave Lady.


  2. Steven

    I always liked when Disney had edgy stuff that could give a kid some chills. The witches, evil stepmothers, crazy queens and such. Do they still make them or are kids today too sensitive?


  3. Ellen

    I love the effect you ended up with, always good to face your fears…
    I remember my cousin being terrified of that scene. I like that Disney hid it then brought it out again and again to make it new for different ages.


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