What can be said about GROCERIES? We go to the market, select what we want to eat,  place the items into a cart and wheel around the store. When finished selecting our food we wheel the cart to the checkout, unload the cart, the cashier scans the prices, tallies the prices, we pay for items, put the purchases back into the cart, wheel the cart out to the vehicle, remove them from the cart, put them into the vehicle, head home, take the food into the house, unpack the satchels, putting the items into designated holding spaces, when the stomach says ‘feed me’ we prepare and eat the GROCERIES! When we finish eating what we bring home we start over again!

How’s that for a ramble?

The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” …here are our GROCERIES, hope this picture says loads because I can’t think of much else to say.

16 thoughts on “GROCERIES

  1. Steven

    I have taken a liking to accompany my wife to the grocery store. Lots of interesting things to see. I especially like the names of store brand products in comparison to name brand items, like Life cereal being Living, or Mt. Dew being Mountain Mist. And people get paid to make these up!


  2. needlepointernc

    We had the store chicken for dinner this week too. So, easy and no cooking that night.


  3. Gisele

    amazing how many people in this world don’t have this luxury. I try to remind myself of that when my favorite soda is not on the shelf of the store 1/2 a block away from me!


  4. sassy Dorland

    I like the balance of color, the variety of a healthy meal even though it is limited. limits are beneficial at times.. I would name this “Food for thought” and we are fortunate we can just go to any store and ………


  5. traceyjj

    Well structured/arranged photo. Lovely and sharp too… Good enough for a magazine/poster 🙂
    Food shopping I HATE! Given the chance I would do it online, but hubby wont hear of that, so he goes shopping instead. 🙂


    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      Thanks for the critique, this is one that sort of just happened when I got home from the market. After a tiny bit of arrangement I was quite happy.
      p.s. when this hubby shops our food budget is blown in 1 trip and there isn’t much from the healthy shelves.


  6. sassy Dorland

    Looking back over your Photo’s, this is quite creative, and about husbands shopping????? mine is the same.. what ever he wants he buys…. even ice cream bars 🙂


  7. KarenAnn

    That chicken makes me salivate! Grocery shopping is a chore for me too and it seems to be the same old, same old for meals sometimes. The worst for me is unloading the trunk and putting it away when I arrive home.


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