Walking past the Paradiso 37 restaurant in Downtown Disney this display of TRANSLUCENT bottles caught my eye. The establishment was not opened for service at the time however, the employees inside happily allowed me to enter to snap some photos. Not only is Disney one of the happiest places in the world it is also one of the most accommodating places towards its visitors.

17 thoughts on “TRANSLUCENT

    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      The bottles on the lower level look to have colored oil and clear water inside. Not sure if that is the same for the top shelf.


  1. Gisele

    now, if they were REALLY accommodating, they would have poured you a shot of that Patron on the bar 🙂 However, the bottles look cool.


  2. jackscrap

    What a great way to display all those coloured bottles, pity it wasn’t open so you could take some test ‘shots’ of the bottle contents.


  3. needlepointernc

    Excellent shot… did you get any shots of just one panel of the window? Just curious cause there are some neat shapes in the top panels.


  4. traceyjj

    A great, well balanced image. Its great how they let you take photos before they opened… Love it… Now I want to go back there again 😦


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