Can Am Spyder is one WILD looking three wheeled motorcycle!

This WILD looking three wheeled trike was spotted parked facing the street on a neighboring street. I had to stop! What the heck was this??? The owner was happy to share information on this  CanAm Spyder roadster. It was introduced to the USA 3 years ago by Bombardier Recreational Products (aka BRP). His bike was made to order with the WILD paint scheme and specialty lights. So easy to drive with the unique design that his wife cruises around at the wheel!

9 thoughts on “Can Am Spyder is one WILD looking three wheeled motorcycle!

  1. Steven

    We were talking about these at work today, as the ads have recently been playing on TV. I guess some old Harley riders are taking a liking to these, since some of them can’t get on their Hogs as easy anymore!


    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      HA! Never gave waistlines or lack of flexibility a thought, lol. These cost a fortune, my thoughts were they are spending the kids inheritance!


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