Beached jellyfish lays MOTIONLESS

The sting of a jellyfish is memorable. Occasionally they wash up on shore. This MOTIONLESS jellyfish isn’t likely to be rescued and released back in the ocean.


14 thoughts on “Beached jellyfish lays MOTIONLESS

  1. whoa! The colors on this guy are fantastic. I’m happy he’s bright enough to spot him if he was coming towards you in the water.

  2. Great colors! If you look at the body it has some resemblance to the earth as seen from space. See the clouds?

  3. It looks beautiful at this distance…like some handblown glass. The colors are wonderful. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. These things are so icky (except when you see them in aquariums). I’ve only seen dull, transparent ones on the beach – this one is special!

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