Spring rains can be EVERY DAY SIGHTS

Most days showers pass quickly this particular day the Fox Tail Palm tree received a deep drink.

One would think that being surrounded by water  that the peninsula of Florida would have more than enough useable water. Unfortunately that isn’t the case so, when rain becomes one of those EVERY DAY SIGHTS it is happily welcomed.



8 thoughts on “Spring rains can be EVERY DAY SIGHTS

  1. KarenAnn

    Have only been to Florida once…in August of all months! I do remember the afternoon shower and high humidity especially when we toured Cypress Gardens and SeaWorld. Such a fine line between too little and too much in so many parts of the world! Love those drops on your palms.


  2. Ellen

    I like the rain drops hanging on. The tips of the leaves look so frayed, as if they have seen tropical storms. I personally am sick of rain but know that Fla. needs all the freshwater it can get.


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