Tobacco PIPES in a Cigar Store

Cigar stores sell more than their name sake. In a corner of this shop was a display case of tobacco smoking PIPES. A pipe rest is also known as Pipe Furniture and the part a smoker inhales from is a Mouthpieces. The central figure in this image is resting in an ornately carved wooden fish Pipe Furniture.


10 thoughts on “Tobacco PIPES in a Cigar Store

  1. Steven

    Brings back memories of my pipe smoking days! In college my smoking friends were either cigars or cigarettes but I followed my grandfather’s lead with the smoldering bowl of a nice aromatic. Nice rich brown tones here!


  2. Tony

    beautiful, this reminds me of my smoking-time (long, long ago) … I had some fine pipes on my desk, hmmm.


  3. danudin

    II haven’t smoked since my Heart Attack, why are you trying to tempt me with old memories. Love the colour and composition and memory smell!


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