Are Tomatoes a Fruit or VEGETABLE?

Have you ever walked through a farm market or supermarket and noticed tomatoes are stocked near lemons, limes or other acidic fruit? You may be surprised to learn that tomatoes are a fruit but, they are primarily used as a vegetable.

In the late 1800’s there was an international issue involving taxes of Fruits and VEGETABLES. Vegetables were taxed and Fruits were not. The issue was settled in the US Supreme Court with the Tomato being declared as a VEGETABLE.

No matter the classification or which department you find them, Tomatoes are tasty whether in salad, sandwich or cooked!


18 thoughts on “Are Tomatoes a Fruit or VEGETABLE?

  1. Gisele

    Really nice shot and interesting background. How did you process this?

    My garden is going to be full of tomatoes of all shapes and colors this summer. I can’t wait!


    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      Thanks for the comment! Wish we could get to the tomatoes before the bugs do this year.
      Used PSE9 oob selected, large shadow added, stylized with orange yellow orange gradient 85% opacity/reflected. Did not flatten layers at the end.


  2. Steven

    They are vegetables to my head, my taste buds and my stomach but I know by definition they are fruits because of the seed aspect. But a wonderful shot of color here!

    By the way, corn is not a vegetable either, but a grain. I’ll have to research that definition, but we are quickly losing our vegetables to classification!


  3. Esther Farnstrom

    Very colorful whether one or the other. I do love tomatoes fresh from the vine while still warm from the sun. When we were kids on the farm, that was our after-school treat. Unfortunately, I couldn’t run as fast as my older siblings and didn’t get the best ones. Now I raise my own.


  4. Tony

    an extraordinary processing, very inventive and convincing, I do like it all: the processing, the colors, the perspective, the details …


  5. needlepointernc

    Nice composition and colors. Ketchup was made a veggie by Pres Regan for school lunches.


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