Alligators are CREEPY pre-historic looking creatures

Having an alligator living in the lake is fascinating and and CREEPY. The fascinating part is their ability to cruise through the water effortlessly. The CREEPY part is when you find one on your drive way!

16 thoughts on “Alligators are CREEPY pre-historic looking creatures

  1. Tammy

    I would be afraid to dip my toes in the water lol That is really kinda of creepy, but wow, what an image you captured…it makes an alligator in the water ALMOST ok! 🙂


  2. Steven

    Finding one in your driveway is creepy? I guess! The first time I saw one in the wild was canoeing in Okefenokee Swamp, and it was a thrill. It wouldn’t have been if the canoe tipped.


  3. needlepointernc

    I like that you only caught the top of the gator but just enough so you can tell what it is. Great shot.


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