untitled-153The natural energy source I have always thought of when thinking of Texas is oil what a surprise to find massive wind farms scattered throughout the countryside.


Whizzing down the highway I captured this scene of a homestead planted smack in the middle of a cotton field surrounded by these wind turbines that I call quiet giants.

untitled-125We took a side road and meandered around to get a close encounter with the wind turbines. Not exactly a tourist trap but an enjoyable encounter.

Do You See What I See

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What I saw on my autumn vacation… San Antonio Texas week 2

intimate amphitheater near historic La Villita at San Antonio Riverwalk -654 An intimate amphitheater near historic La VillitaSan Antonio TX Riverwalk concrete phinial-697  A tranquil cityscape with lush plant lifeTexas flag high above the cityscape-635Texas flag billowing in the breeze high above the city street

Hope you enjoy the views… More photo’s from San Antonio coming soon!

Do You See What I See

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What I saw on my autumn vacation… San Antonio Texas

Foot-bridge over San Antonio Riverwalk-598-2This was my first visit to San Antonio Riverwalk and hopefully not the last. The visit was much like putting a kid in a candy store, only the candy was a visual treat and this kid was packing a Nikon. Foot-bridge over San Antonio Riverwalk colorful umbrellas-613-2outdoor cafe under umbrella San Antonio Riverwalk colorful umbrellas-767-2

Hope you enjoy the views… don’t touch that dial there will be more photo’s from San Antonio in upcoming posts. 

Do You See What I See

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