untitled-153The natural energy source I have always thought of when thinking of Texas is oil what a surprise to find massive wind farms scattered throughout the countryside.


Whizzing down the highway I captured this scene of a homestead planted smack in the middle of a cotton field surrounded by these wind turbines that I call quiet giants.

untitled-125We took a side road and meandered around to get a close encounter with the wind turbines. Not exactly a tourist trap but an enjoyable encounter.

Do You See What I See

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17 thoughts on “TEXAS WIND FARM the QUIET GIANTS

  1. Our neighboring state Iowa makes tons of use of those! Here in Nebraska we have a few but not enough to produce tons of electricity. Love the last image…the lines leading to the wind turbines is the perfect perspective!

  2. We have lots of turbines around this area now to make use of our famous SD winds! They manufacture them in the town I grew up in which is about 100 miles from here and we encounter the blades being trucked south on the interstate on a daily basis…They are such huge structures up close. Great to have clean, renewable energy production…and they are cool to see at night with all their blinking red lights.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Otto! We spent quite a bit of time amongst them and I am happy to hear that what I was feeling came through the image.

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