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Just south of Melbourne Beach on the east coast of Florida is Bonsteel Park. We had never been there so a quick stop was in order when passing by. There was one particular sight that was so out of the norm for being at the ocean that well… how can this scene be described?

There was this pretty Marilyn Monroe type of lady walking to and fro in the parking lot. You had to look. She wasn’t wearing anything beach related at all. She carried a tripod to her car, then back to the board walk. Then back to the car returning to the boardwalk with 2 martini glasses and some bubbly. That’s when I couldn’t restrain myself for another minute, I had to get her picture. When she heard the shutter of my camera the look on her face said it all, she was concerned that I may be some sort of weirdo. That’s I asked if she was cool with my taking pics from behind. She agreed and I got an unplanned SELF PORTRAIT because that is what she was doing. After setting up her shot she crossed the boardwalk and perched upon it with her glass raised in a toast!

Since I agreed not to take and photo’s of her facing my camera this is the view I have to offer. I think this is more interesting and intriguing leaving the mind to make it’s own story. You never know when something out of the ordinary is going to take place. Never leave home without a camera.


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