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Macro Monday and LAUNDRY

What goes together better than Macro Monday and Laundry? Yes, I said that. Years ago in Levittown, New York, Monday was LAUNDRY day. In this day and age any day is Laundry day.

Camping has concluded, a mountain of laundry had accumulated and uninterrupted internet service is once again available. 

Laundry was another one of those photo challenge themes that wasn’t resinating with me. Visions of piles of soiled items or stacks of neatly folded towels made me cringe. Then like manna from heaven there inside the clothes dryer was my theme. This was perfection of theme fulfillment in my world. Perhaps the theme police will come knocking but this is my Laundry and I am sticking to it and I feel good about having come clean about this theme.

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