Taking a knife to a gun fight

Having a landscape lens when you come up on wildlife is like taking a knife to a gun fight. I chose a landscape lens on a river boat ride knowing full well there would be wildlife while using internal reasoning that I didn’t want to lug around heavy equipment – after all this was a leisure trip.

Guess what… yup, entering a cove there was a troop of monkeys 😂

What did I do?  What any gunfighter would I took the shots knowing I’d gone to a gunfight with a knife.

All we are is dust in the wind so count your blessings and go take more photos.

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It is TRADITIONAL to have a lighthouse in old seaports it is also traditional for the light to shine as the sun sets. This is the final photo taken before the beach was closed for the night. It was a terrific evening with the multiple opportunities to photograph life at the beach seeing the fishing boat (posted last Thursday), the clipper ship (posted this past Saturday), the sun setting (posted yesterday) and the light shining bright in the lighthouse today. Hoping you have enjoyed seeing what I saw as much as I enjoyed photographing and sharing them with you!

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