Urn by the house landscapeDo you think this garden view would be considered as a landscape photograph?

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  1. Great photo!
    To answer your question is it a landscape photo?

    The photo has isolated the foreground so my attention goes to the clay pot.
    So it is landscape/garden in that sense.

    If you were to make it more about the whole place the scene would have to be wider and the clay pot less dominant, you would want max depth of field (everything in focus)



    1. That urn would ‘feta’ a nice price if it were for sale 🙂
      This is really a garden scape although I took this the day I was practicing landscapes 🙂


  2. Yes, I think so. There is a strong foreground element in the pot, but the pot is not the subject. It simply grounds the subject & gives it context.


  3. I have given a longish response on your most recent post. I would agree with dapontephotography that the real subject of this composition is the pot. The garden in the bokeh background and the greenery in the foreground frame the subject and create context. So this is a still life portrait within the context of a garden. A lovely composition. 😉
    Try this composition with muted colours, or B&W tonals. The pot will become more dominant. The confusion/conflict comes from the colours; the greens are more dominant than the rust browns of the pot.


    1. Very happy for your detailed comments they will help me think more critically when in the field. My old journalism habits are at work with this view, fill the frame with the subject / the clay pot. This is a not a landscape for sure (she says in hind sight, lol).


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