17 thoughts on “CURVES

  1. munchow

    I do see what you see. An image with very strong curves – although – as pointed out in the other comments – quite spikey curves. Very nice.


  2. KarenAnn

    I love that little critter that is almost hidden and a surprise for the viewer. Great curvy shapes to these cacti. Do their needles transfer as easily as the rabbit ear cactus?


  3. ivorphotography

    Lucky you! Geckos are such cool little creatures. Used to get them scurrying around the house when I lived in Africa. No wild ones here in the North of England though. I didn’t notice him at first, just saw the cactus, but when I did it made the photo a lot more interesting. Fantastic!


    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      Geckos are all over the landscape here, they always give me a start when I see them although they are quite benign. I agree this little guy made the image complete.


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