Does this photo give you the feeling of LONELINESS or ABANDONMENT?

#3 Loneliness:abandonment Bicycle Adjust1

The words LONELINESS and ABANDONMENT conjure up deep emotional feelings

Has the bicycle been abandoned?

Does the bike rider feel lonely?


Do You See What I See… 

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17 thoughts on “Does this photo give you the feeling of LONELINESS or ABANDONMENT?

  1. It looks like it won’t be lonely for long. It hasn’t been locked and someone will steal it! 😀 Great idea for the theme and the perspective from the low camera angle works really well along with the bike pointing towards negative space on the left. Nice bike by the way, is it yours?

  2. The lonely bike makes me wonder just why it was left alone and unattended. I almost expect its rider to appear from the side of the image.

    • The rider ran out of steam after 3 miles pedaling through loose sand but never let the bike out of her sight 🙂

  3. Love the setting but I got a feeling that it was a trap for the unwary, Don’t go ther Ivor – On your Bike Squire!

  4. I’m thinking the rider is nearby taking pictures of something that caught his or her eye. That’s the reason whenever my bike is left by itself for a few minutes!

  5. OH Pearl,,, as I say in art ” always send a message with your art work” what I see here is….. he or she is thoughly enjoying the woods, the greenery (is that a word?) the lovely smell of green, and decided to just park it, and walk a bit, stopping, hands on hips and to take it all in” then back to her or his bike… Beautiful ….. Sassy

  6. If it were processed in black and white, I think it might feel sort of lonely. As is, though, it makes me want to get my own bike out of the garage and hit the trails!

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