The TRADITION/HISTORY prescribed burn in Florida

Prescribed burn of under brush in Florida has a HISTORY

#1 Tradition:History Prescribed burn


#2 Tradition:History Prescribed burn



A couple posts ago was about WEATHER and how this is the dry season in Florida which is also known as fire season

Bicycling in Lake Kissimmee State Park in Florida the took the reality of controlled burns to a new level. Brush fires are dangerous and scary as well as necessary for the management of undeveloped land.

Prescribed burning is not “setting fire to the woods” to let them burn as our ancestors may have done decades or centuries ago, although they often did so for some of the same reasons we do today. Rather it is the planned and deliberate use of controlled fire to achieve land management objectives

Do You See What I See… 

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10 thoughts on “The TRADITION/HISTORY prescribed burn in Florida

  1. danudin

    FYI, Australian Aborigines practiced controlled burning up to 40,000 years ago which Geologists and Archaeologists agree was worlds best practice both then and now. Most controlled burns are predicated on what the experts learned in studying the Aboriginal Practices. No one in the past was dumb they survived, are we doing as good? Food for thought.


  2. John & Lois

    Sometimes it does seem that controlled burns and forest thinning are damaging to nature, but in the long run are necessary to preserve our precious natural landscapes.


    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      Being so close to the scene had a surreal feeling but I had to keep looking and photographing because it is one of those necessary evils.


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