To me SPRING is the season of renewal and new life.

spring   nesting baby heron

During the past several weeks I’ve been visiting Circle B Bar Reserve photographing migrating birds and other Florida wildlife. One of my favorite sights has been watching this immature Great Blue Heron in its nest high above the ground. It was surprising to find it still clamoring for food this week it looks as if it shouldn’t be long before it can fly and hunt for its own food.


 Do You See What I See… 

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  1. Here in Connecticut, spring means little birds, like robins and mourning doves. That you could see such an incredible sight–oh my! (Does rather remind me of human teenagers a bit…)


  2. I have never seen a baby blue heron…again, I am so jealous…and I am jealous of that shot too! Incredible. I am going to send a link of this to my inlaws…they have blue herons at their lake and will find this fascinating!


  3. Baby birds, baby lambs and calves and of course kittens! This is a wonderful photo of that immature heron with its eyes focused on mama. Am also looking forward to the bird cams over at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology which allow such a closeup view of the nesting activities of raptors and other birds. A definite renewal after the long dreary winter! Can hardly wait!


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