Look what finally made it to my KITCHEN!

It took a long time for this pineapple to get to my KITCHEN but it finally made it!

Patience isn’t exactly a virtue in my life but persistence is and the pineapple top I planted 3 years ago has finally matured.  I knew it was time for the harvest when I went to check on the progress and it had fallen off the plant!

 To see the growth process of this beautiful ripe pineapple here is the link for the original post:

 A YUMMY mouth watering treat growing in the garden

Do You See What I See…

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35 thoughts on “Look what finally made it to my KITCHEN!

    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      She is much cleverer (is that a word?) than I 🙂 Never thought about using the top until you suggested it – now we will have to wait and see how long it takes for this generation to come to fruition.


  1. lynn

    I remember the first pictures and what a delight to see the finished product~the crown shadow around the bottom reminds me of the Statue of Liberty (what connection? none really) ;<) it just does and I like that shadow….


  2. Cathy

    Wow, I have tried that once but I think our winters get too dark and not warm enough for a pineapple top to even germinate (not even in our conservatory with some heating on).


  3. Sharon

    Patti, Your Vista and your pineapple,,, you never cease to amaze me with your choice of subject and your choice of where to stand and capture the moment… I don’t know How I got to where I am typing’ but I do believe in Divine Intervention” “ha ha smile, smile iliil Sassy


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