A winter refuge for West Indian manatee creates EXCITEMENT for visitors of all ages!

Blue Spring State Park is filled with EXCITEMENT when West Indian Manatee migrate into the 72 degree waters of the spring. For those who appreciate nature this is one of those destinations in Florida during the winter months that is a must see.

Manatee surface for air every 3 or 4 minutes when they are swimming.

While at rest a manatee can remain submerged up to 15 minutes.

Scores of minnows are swimming around these manatee while they eat algae from the underside of a tree that has grown out over the water.

This day in the park did not disappoint & was well worth the trip!

Do You See What I See…

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49 thoughts on “A winter refuge for West Indian manatee creates EXCITEMENT for visitors of all ages!

  1. I can’t get over how much they resemble, Australian Dugong, which feed on the seagrass that they find in Moreton Bay among a lot of coastal Australia.

  2. Can’t see me getting there in person so thanks for the storyline…..nice shots in difficult situation…do you have a CP filter….that would be the way to reduce the reflections from the water

    • Thanks for your comment Steve. I do have a CP and didn’t even think about it in this situation because I was switching lenses and cameras while walking in a maze of other visitors.

    • Glad you enjoyed the photo’s. They are such interesting creatures. Hard to believe that boaters show no regard for them and hit them with their vessels. Makes me wonder if they don’t care that manatee are on the endangered species list.

  3. Like Ron, I think they are very like dugong, which also feed on the sea-grasses. We ‘met’ lots of these gentle animals while boating in Australia’s NT. I love the soft blue-greens in these images.

    • This is one of my favorite viewing places because the water is so clear. We’ve been to other places and the water is so murky it is difficult to see them.

  4. You don’t even know how jealous I am right now….I have only seen these guys in an aquarium at Atlantis! Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!!!!

    • Hopefully one day you will have the opportunity – it’s sort of life changing to watch them interact with one an other. Thanks for stopping by Kala!

  5. Such ungainly looking creatures but graceful in the water, I’m sure! What was God thinking when these were created! How fortunate to be able to view these in their natural habitat.

    • Very graceful in water. They play with one another and roll about with such ease. I am so fortunate to experience their lives and so happy to share my experiences 🙂

  6. What a wonderful series…..will have to google Blue Spring State Park…….going to Key West in a couple of weeks but have a feeling it’s not near there.

    • Glad you enjoyed the series 🙂 The Keys are more than a days drive from Blue Spring but I know what ever you do on your trip will be an experience!

    • Thank you for stopping by and your kind words 🙂
      I stopped by your Top Knotch Gear site on wp and love your bucket list and products!

  7. Marvelous photos of these gentle giants. My favorite is the bottom one, where we sense and feel their presence in a mysterious way, rather than by seeing them clearly.

  8. Wonderful shots. Nice that they are free to migrate. “Manatee Girl won’t you come out tonight and swim by the light of the moon” – don’t know if that is a real song, but it should be. 🙂

  9. Fascinating subject matter and great images…I’ve never seen a manatee in person (just stills and video). One of these days…

  10. What a thrill to see these amazing creatures through your eye, your admiration shows. . Hard to imagine though that they may be a base for the legend of mermaids….

    • I do have a crush on them 🙂 and it is a pleasure to share these! Maybe mermaids were full figured back when the legend was spun… !

  11. These are great shots of manatees (my favorite animal!). I adopted one of them from blue spring last year, and last year visited some others at Homosassa Springs on the west coast of Fl. They are beautiful and relaxing to watch! Thanks for sharing!

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