To your HEALTH

A recent encounter with HEALTH issues presented itself. Sharing personal things like this is not normal but I was inspired regarding SOOC photography. At some point in life we all face health issues. Being the consummate photographer I took along the iPod and captured some SOOC images. KARENANN wrote: One of the few photographic goals I have for myself is to try to get more photos “right” in the camera (SOOC). Just because one has lots of editing tools available doesn’t mean one HAS to use them. Simplify life, I think, and enjoy the moment more …  Stop by her blog – she has loads of terrific images! Thanks KarenAnn for the inspiration! SOOC’s are worthy because THEY ARE THE MOMENT. Yes, it’s true I do a lot of post image editing that’s because it it my goal to do well with that part of photography.

What does a Hot Air Ballon have to do with HEALTH? Nothing. However, it was a sight on the ride to the appointment.  The multiple reflections of the hot air balloon in the window of the van were post snap icing – I hadn’t noticed them because I was focused on the balloon itself at the time the photo was taken.

The waiting room is arranged to be soothing. Wonder what the receptionists thought as I stood snapping pics of the fish in the tank.

Second thoughts about this appointment are beginning to raise the “fight or flight” adrenalin seeing the bag of saline that will be used after sedation is administered. Having heart monitor and blood pressure monitors attached are not really all that comforting but a good measure to be employed. 

Wow, we’re done already! Boy what was all the fuss about. (No time for moisturizing this morning; they actually expected me to be there by 8 am.) 

Being the consummate photographer capturing the event was second nature. I did share with the doctor and his assistant that I was a blogger and they indulged my snap, snap, snap without question. Thank You Dr. Neal ! 

The camera did turn in the direction of the patient but, there is not a chance that image will be, lol!

Hope you weren’t grossed out. To Your Health!!!

If you have time stop by SOOC Sunday to see what others are doing:

Do You See What I See…

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42 thoughts on “To your HEALTH

  1. I can’t believe how many hot air balloons are in the sky and reflected in the van window. We have a balloon festival here, but I don’t remember seeing that many at one time. Very cool.

  2. Patty, hope everything turned out OK with this appointment…never a fun proposition but you have captured it well. I love the serendipidy of the balloons in the van window. Thanks for your nice comments on my posting. Even though I strive to have more SOOC shots, I’m the first one to go to the “ends of the earth” trying to rescue a photo that has a great scene but is less than perfect!! I bought a couple Topaz plugins to use in PSE and want to get more adept at using its features as LR is my go-to processor. Best to you!

    • Thanks for your well wishes 🙂 feeling better already. Glad you didn’t get put off by the subject matter. Those extra window balloons made that shot. I almost deleted it because the van was distracting, then I saw the reflections and decided it was a keeper.
      SOOC is a challenge and a good stretch for personal growth.

      Digital photography sometimes ends up with a flat sort of look that needs to be rescued and the extra effort is worth the time.
      Glad you are exploring the Topaz filters – have you watched any of the tutorials on youtube or signed up for their free webinars? They are filled with more info than Stella could round up, lol.

  3. I totally agree about SOOC. A bit of cropping is what I normally do as I try to compose right on the spot as much as possible. Although it’s amazing the things you can find when looking at the photos afterwards (as your great reflections in the car’s window). Those things spice up the life for a photographer 🙂

    • I agree on both use of sooc and the things we see in our own compositions that we weren’t focused on at the time the photo is made!

  4. Yes keep well again, I believe that the other balloons were behind you. and thanks heaps for the scary – A Day in my Life. Is there really a time called 8.00 am??

    • Never thought to look BEHIND us, lol the sky was probably filled with balloons. Thanks for the well wishes and you are welcome for the scaries 🙂

  5. Hope you are feeling better. I am thinking you kept the doctor and nurses entertained during your appointment. Since we shoot in raw there is always some processing necessary, but we do try to compose our images in camera.

    • It was nothing major and I’m feeling chipper already, thanks for your well wishes! You know me too well, I did keep the doctor and office in ‘stitches’, lol.
      You are way ahead of me with shooting raw, kudos to you! I’ve just recently begun to explore that part of digital, it takes so much time to record the images that I get anxious I will miss a shot; action/nature but I do hope to expand with raw shooting. I do agree in camera composition is much easier than having to crop in editing. I also agree some processing is usually needed. Thanks for your input and stopping by!

  6. A awesome capture of your day…and your sooc shots were terrific…no edits needed!

    Glad your tests were all A OK! 🙂

  7. I gosh .. I know that ‘fight or flight’ adrenaline surge encountered in waiting rooms! Funnily enough, the superbug fears in recent years and the resulting infection control measures have done away with the fish tank in most waiting rooms, but they have one at my vet’s place, which is nice.

    However, your post took me right back to my visits to the dentist at the hospital as a child. I can’t remember why it was necessary for me to attend the hospital clinic, but I remember the fish (which I liked) and also that wretched adrenaline surge as I waited my turn, which I hated!

  8. So sorry – in dwelling on the fish, I forgot to comment on that great balloon photo! I am always so impressed with SOOC pictures and that one’s a beauty. I hadn’t noticed the reflections until you pointed them out, but now I’m wondering how a single balloon managed to produce them all. Fascinating!!

    • I wonder how all the reflections happened, too bad I can’t instant replay that moment in time. Guess that was my reward for being brave, lol.
      Thanks for taking time to stop by!

  9. I’m glad you’re better–and I appreciate your sense of humor (not to mention the doc’s flexibility!) in documenting what was not a fun day.

    • Thank you Bobbie, wasn’t sure what sort of reception this post was going to have, I do appreciate all the sentiments and positive comments.

  10. I really like this little document of every day life in words an pictures. And I agree there is nothing like honest pictures of the moment. And if you first start doing them, things start to come together by themselves, like the balloons in the window. Thanks for redirecting me to Simple Little Pleasures. And I hope you stay healthy!

    • Glad this post conveyed in the manner it was intended. I actually like many sooc’s that I don’t share here because I am focused on the artistic side of photography at this point in time.
      You are welcome for the redirect to Simple Little Pleasures.

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