A PORTRAIT of innocence

On Christmas Eve we went to Downtown Disney and I snapped a PORTRAIT of innocence while this little girl sat on the stage with her Mom standing by while she waited her turn to participate in a hula hoop competition. She just looked adorable in her pink outfit and face painting and her personality was just as cute!

© PC PHOTO 2011

9 thoughts on “A PORTRAIT of innocence

  1. KarenAnn

    Beautiful portrait…lighting is perfect and your subject….well… By the way, your blog is an inspiration to me as well and I love being able to get away to a warmer climate and all its different everyday (to you) scenes. It’s a real treat! Glad to see you on the list for 2012!


  2. Tammy

    This just makes me smile….what a fantastic portrait…love that serious expression! So pretty. I have enjoyed playing catch up on your blog, as always you have posted some incredible images!


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